Tired Boy And His Cow Lose Out At Dairy Fair, Fall Asleep And Win The Internet

I have to repost this positive story:

A 15-year-old boy named Mitchell Miner and his cow Audri recently participated in the Iowa State Fair dairy kettle show. Despite their hard work and effort, they finished only fifth out of seven. Feeling exhausted, the duo took a nap, when the boy’s father came in and snapped a photo of them snuggling side by side.

The picture was shared with the following caption: “Our son Mitchell and his heifer after showing yesterday.” It immediately went viral and gained more than 15,000 likes by the next day.

“I think it’s just when you spend that much time with them, they get really comfortable,” Laura Miner, the boy’s mother, told the Des Moines Register. Both she and her husband grew up on a farm, but now that they live elsewhere, they want their children to connect to their roots. Therefore, the family borrows animals for the summer so that her kids can get a feel for the farm life.

“We learned a lot from the farm,” Jeremy Miner, Mitchell’s dad, said. “We have those values instilled in us and we are trying to do what we can to preserve that.”

As for Audri the napping cow, she will be heading back to the dairy farm once the showings finish in September.


Here is the link to the original story:


It’s Friday

Even though the weekend is going to be a busy one, I can tell you that I am looking forward to it.   I have lunch plans, dinner plans, snack plans, plans to take naps – all kinds of plans.

So, I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend!

I need to let go…DAMMIT!

Last night I had a hard look at myself and realized that I am still hanging on to some things from the past.  And these things are not healthy:  unhealthy expectations and goals.  And you know how I know that they are not serving me well?  My anxiety is through the roof.

But, it’s getting better.  Each day, I let go a little more and some healing enters.   What I ultimately understand is that fear keeps me holding on to the past because I’m not sure of what the future holds.   I have a lot of great opportunities ahead of me, if I just allow myself to be open to them.

Patience and acceptance are the keys to my future happiness but I swear they are elusive little buggers.


Creating New Dreams

Yesterday, I met with my friend. His name is Rick and he’s a great guy.   Honest, VERY blunt, but underneath it all, I know he truly cares about me and my well-being.   We had a very emotional and trying afternoon and I, for the first time in eight years, cried real tears of pain and loss.    And we’ve been working together for almost EIGHT YEARS!

We sat down together, as we always do, with me on his couch and he facing me from his chair.   And I began talking….I may not have believed it before but I feel assured that I am going through a midlife crisis.  A real serious one.  Looking at my life at the age of 46, I’m nowhere I thought I would be.   I had always hoped to be a famous comedian, writer and actor.   What I have to accept now is that that probably won’t happen.  Or that it won’t happen in the way that I envision.  As much as people always say “follow your dreams” – there are some logistical realities that we all must face.  Yesterday’s time with Rick was really spent grieving that dreamworld I had hoped to live in.

I’ve come to understand that a lot if it is a need for validation.   A need to feel important, loved, and seen.  All that has to come from within and that will be a hard but necessary journey for me.   My anxiety and depression have spent years knocking my soul and spirit around

But, after all this, Rick reminded me that I can build a new dream.   It can be whatever I want it to be as long as I am willing to put in the work and the time.  Right now, as my I need to ask what the Universe’s will for me is – rather than my trying to follow my own.   I need to stay present in the moment and do what is in front of me.

So, what will those new dreams be?

  • Get a new, more meaningful job.
  • Have a healthy relationship.
  • Become a motivational speaker.
  • Start a nonprofit.

I know that all things are possible – it may be that they are done in a different way than what I think they should should be done, but they are possible. I just have to believe in myself.

Question(s) of the Day:

What do you need to grieve?   What do you need to let go of so that your life can start anew?  What new goals are you going to set for yourself?


I am in the process of going through a second 12-step recovery program – trying to heal some of the emotional wounds of my life.   One of the exercises involves reading and reviewing particular affirmations at least twice a day.   Below are the affirmations and I’ve enjoyed reading them – but this journey to healing is going to be a difficult one.  I know that I have to do it, I don’t want the next few decades of my life to be stuck in old, unhealthy patterns.


  •         I’m okay with being uncomfortable and sometimes feeling emotional pain as part of my healing process.  I’m committed to continuing with my recovery despite how I feel and any uncomfortable emotions that come up.
  •         I’m willing to feel all my feelings, understanding that surrendering to, feeling, and then releasing them is what true happiness is.
  •         I’m ok with taking as much time as I need to change any behaviors and replace them with healthy options that help me love and take care of myself.
  •         I’m okay with letting go of my old survival behaviors.  I don’t need them now.  I’m okay with acquiring and practicing new behaviors that will help me address challenges, issues, problems in a new way, one that helps me thrive.
  •         I understand that I’m not being singled out or picked on because of the problems, lessons and challenges that appear on my path or by having emotions I need to feel.  I know and trust I’m being shaped into a health person who understands the meaning of true happiness and knows how to love others and myself.
  •         I understand that the way to getting and keeping a life is by working the Twelve Steps, first going through them slowly and thoroughly, then later using them as daily living tools.
  •         I understand that changing can require hard work, and it’s work that I need to do myself.  I’m willing to work as hard as needed.
  •         I’ll put as much energy into doing the work it takes to change as I’ve put into hanging onto old unhealthy ways.  I know if I can do that I’ll succeed.   I also understand and am okay with the idea that I can’t do the work for anyone besides me.
  •         My recovery and self-care is my responsibility and my job.
  •         It’s okay to put my well-being first sometimes.  I won’t get hooked into perfectionism but I’ll do my best.  When I’ve done that, I’ll let go and let God do the rest.
  • I’m willing to stay with recovery until I can give in to healthy ways, love and nurture others and myself, and completely release a victim self-image.

Audition – Part 2

So, I got to audition today for Chasing Pride Films and what a blast it was.   Again, my anxiety was off-the-chain but the crew could not have been kinder or more supportive and I met two other men who were there auditioning and we hit it off.

After meeting crew, I was asked in to a room and given directions on a few lines and some actions and I did the best I could.   I was just excited.

I will find out Wednesday if I get a part or I’m assigned a role as an extra or both!   We shall see – I was just thrilled at the opportunity to get the experience.

Below are some pics of some of the hard-working crew members.   They were just as kind and supportive as can be and I wish for nothing but success for their films.


I’m Auditioning for a Movie!

So, one of my lifelong goals has always been to audition for a movie.  Even if I don’t get a part, just to go through the process would be fun.

Guess what?  Today at 11:30, I am doing it.  I’m terrified out of my mind, but again – I have to step into this anxiety if I ever want it to get any better.    The film company is called Chasing Pride Films and it’s an African American-owned company here in Raleigh. There will be a second blog entry to discuss this experience more in detail.

Even if I can get a job as an extra, I will be happy.