Best of In Living Color

Hopefully some of you are old enough to remember the show "In Living Color".   This show shaped so much of my humor when I was younger.   And it was one of the first shows to feature a predominantly black  cast.    Enjoy the laughs. Funky Finger Productions - Funeral Fire Marshall Bill at Sea Benita... Continue Reading →


I Miss MADTV So Much….

Whenever I need to laugh, I love to watch skits from one of my favorite TV shows - MADTV.     There are just a few of the funniest skits that I've watched over the years. Cooking for One John Madden Popcorn Popper Ka-Son Cable Service Trapped in the Cupboard Feuding Parents Spishak - Hey It's... Continue Reading →

Ted Talks About Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Overall Mental Health

I don't usually take Ted Talks seriously, but the ones listed below have some good speakers.   Take a listen and I hope you learn, feel, and connect with something. Jame Geathers - Taking of the Mask of Bipolar Eric Chase Laura Bain Lisa Miller-Depression and Spiritual Awakening Leon Taylor - How To Manage Your Mental... Continue Reading →

Food Addiction Is A Monster

All my life, I have struggled with weight issues.   Lose some here, gain it back there.  Lose a lot one year, gain it all back plus 10 pounds more the next year.  Recently my doctor put the fear of God in me that I had to take better care of myself.   I HAD to lose... Continue Reading →

Guided Meditations by Sarah Blondin

When I get depressed there are a few people I really enjoy listening to for comfort.  If you have not listened to a woman named Sarah Blondin you NEED to.  She has some amazing posts and meditations about a variety of topics:  letting go, living life, and accepting change.   She has saved my sanity on... Continue Reading →

Great Country Music Videos

As a black man from the south, I am a huge fan of country music.  Many people are surprised that I like this type of music but so often the music has powerful lyrics, great melodies, and great voices behind them.   Here are a few of my favorite: George Strait - Check Yes or No... Continue Reading →

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