Why fishing has become important….

I'm loving fishing...


Martial Arts Fights

(As you guys can tell, I write about random stuff.  My mind likes to wander all over the place....this post will be no different). One of the best things I've been doing is watching things that bring me joy.   Whether it's inspirational videos like my last post, videos about animals, soldiers reuniting with their families, ... Continue Reading →

I’m In A Good Space

Actually been feeling pretty well lately.  The medications seem to have stabilized my moods and I genuinely feel happy.   I've been fishing on the weekends - getting out of the house and being in nature.  Haven't caught a damned thing on most occasions but that is ok. I am sponsoring several guys and am extremely... Continue Reading →

Inside the Void

THE VOID IS POKING AT ME TODAY Lately, I have occasionally felt an emptiness in my soul.  It's like a worm gnawning relentlessly on a leaf.  Some days it's manageable and other days I think it's going to swallow me alive.   Where does that shit come from?  What births that empty, vast space inside of... Continue Reading →

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